Letter to my father

Preeth Nambiar

Amidst the journey I am, my father, neither at the beginning nor at the end- but at the junction where there are crowds rushing to both ends! Enlighten me with a vision to pursue a path, bring me a vehicle that would take me any of the ends but to the fulfillment ! Tired I am of the long way, for the vessel that you gave me is empty and the rain that you pored to quench my thirst is lost among the clouds that are frozen in the winter!

O father, beneath my feet, see there flares of ice and my feet drenching; and above head the burning sun that erases the images; between the chilled winter and red hot summer I would faint; hold me on your arms tight close to you! Be the moonlight in this darkness that takes me from the depth of madness, sing a lullaby when the nightmares shake me up! A child I am yours, as innocent as you sent me, to embrace the beauty of the world and then to return!

When I was hungry you appeared as food, in my despair you enlightened me as the philosophy of life and in happiness as the very smile that touched the lives around me! In front of the altar when my teardrops melted down unto the feet of the cross, you touched me as caress of the nun; in front of the tombs when I stood these eyes closed, in the silence I found the fragrance penetrating the senses; within the sanctum-sanctorum I found your divinity kissing my eyes.

My father, my innocence is deceiving me, the zigzag ways are puzzling me! I remember the days I swayed onto your laps where the chilled fingers of you caressed my scalp and I embraced divinity penetrating beyond the cells of the brain! Tell me, O father the secret of this life mortal; show me a path that lead me to the rivers that I have to cross and keep ready the vessels to cross, to reach you- the abundance of love; that was all I wanted in this mortal life, in this tiny planet!

I feel your touch once again here, as the breeze blowing from the distant and I hear you whispering: ‘I am with you son, as invisible as ever’! I see my vessel ready to leave and I am leaving to a distance that is beyond my measure, but not beyond your reach; but from the corner of the universe to the other- what makes it different when you are all around me? Leaves full of life sparkling in sunlight; rain removes the dust that cover the serenity of it! I would move with this chilled wind, to find you everywhere!

Let me continue my journey to eternity- a quest for serenity, with a blessing; the blessing of my father, the most beloved- the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent self and that is the very contentment of life!

Preeth Nambiar

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Educationist, Litterateur & Humanitarian, Preeth hails from the northern part of Indian state, Kerala in the south-west region of India on the Malabar Coast as the son of Mr. Kana Padmanabhan Nambiar and Mrs. Saraswati Nambiar., Born in an ancient aristocratic family that carried the rich culture of Kerala and Karnataka, where music, arts and literature were the very atmosphere, he started writing at a very early age. He has been working with various international organisations and has presented prestigious research works on Education, philosophy, arts and literature., He is renowned for the simplistic style of narration and meditative tunes in his literary works whereas his key ideas on education incorporating eastern and western philosophies, has won international acclamation. Preeth is presently residing in the Maldives working as an educator to the University of Cambridge, ESOL., Preeth Nambiar received the prestigious Dr. Yayati Madan G Gandhi International Poetry award in 2014 for his debut book 'The Voyage to Eternity'. He is presently an editor for the Poetry Society of India, Global Fraternity of Poets and Earth Vision Publications Delhi.

Last updated November 13, 2014