When the universe speaks

Preeth Nambiar

Hear the trumpet of the glory of him dancing profound upon the sands! The farmer he is toiling upon the earth, his perspire is the deepest oceans, warmth of him the flames of fire, wandering winds his very breath, life of him the cosmic life, and the look of the world of majestic green, the space he owns, the majestic world. Come on, men of mighty labour,let us build upon the sands of the haven for us, yet we own naught for he is the Lord of this fistful of soil!

With the anklets’ jingling bells the naughty streams play hide and seek. Upon the woods, looking at her growing young- with paces slow holding hands with her eternal love- a flow of tranquility toward a world to fetch the love of an eternal quest. O waters of deepest woods, take me with you to the distant lands where the rich shores bear the fruits of your longest passage. A voyage from the pores to the deepest ocean, carrying the bliss of unseen end!

Look at the light shimmering upon the green,the fire of life -the eternal flames! Upon the canvas of colourless space spreads the magical colours of your fingers. Feed our soul the life’s life, and fetch our lips the yearning to kiss. Melt within us, as ardent love and rise above the flames of height. In the lassitude of sweetest joy, where we lie under the moonlit skies, close your eyes O dear, feel the touch of serenity's breeze upon the weary drizzled lawns.

Upon the skies of endless blue, whispering clouds fly still so far, blowing the mighty wind of joy! With the divine fragrance from woods, O dear breeze hug me tight, caress the skin with your chilled fingers and whisper on my ears where the blues will dissolve. There are thunderbolts in the horizon, light beyond the apparent vista- seducing me to travel afar- to a plane, going past the vision. O storms give me your wings to soar toward my celestial home!

The void of majestic darkness has the sweetest melody of all, that would boom upon your ears aloud and fetch you the secret of all unseen. Stars to stars, let us flutter with our tiny tiny wings, sip the nectars of immortal knowledge, arise above the heights of cosmos. Befuddled when we fall down deep, unto the vacuum of celestial plane, we shatter as cryptic holes of black, remember you were mere consciousness- consciousness of the Supreme!

Know, O man you are a particle of the supreme feminine being sucked to an obscure vacuum - of a bliss but that we can only name - universe!

© Preeth Nambiar 2014

Preeth Nambiar

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Educationist, Litterateur & Humanitarian, Preeth hails from the northern part of Indian state, Kerala in the south-west region of India on the Malabar Coast as the son of Mr. Kana Padmanabhan Nambiar and Mrs. Saraswati Nambiar., Born in an ancient aristocratic family that carried the rich culture of Kerala and Karnataka, where music, arts and literature were the very atmosphere, he started writing at a very early age. He has been working with various international organisations and has presented prestigious research works on Education, philosophy, arts and literature., He is renowned for the simplistic style of narration and meditative tunes in his literary works whereas his key ideas on education incorporating eastern and western philosophies, has won international acclamation. Preeth is presently residing in the Maldives working as an educator to the University of Cambridge, ESOL., Preeth Nambiar received the prestigious Dr. Yayati Madan G Gandhi International Poetry award in 2014 for his debut book 'The Voyage to Eternity'. He is presently an editor for the Poetry Society of India, Global Fraternity of Poets and Earth Vision Publications Delhi.

Last updated November 13, 2014