frequently asked questions

by Raquel Salas Rivera

Raquel Salas Rivera

in english the singular plural already exists
the i manyly

in spanish we have to invent the plural
a bastard singular
a box of crackers/
duct tape/
soda decomposed/ in glue

in language what already exists wasn’t
what will be happens in languagx
in the(y) language
the present doesn’t matter
as much as the plural present

how do you manage in spanish to exist
for me it is history
training for the present
a going up and down my chin

in the inglich

there is the laughter
at bad bunny’s accent
which rejects the not-here of the there
of a spanish dressed as english
of the nonagreement between article and noun

in spanish we say name for noun
for the history of touch

we fish grouper or merefish
that eats the remains of remains
we eat river
we drink sand
we defray the costs of the endless

it isn’t that i don’t believe in lines
for example

the circle is a line
that checks out

a knot is a queer line

in english
line has no gender

in spanish line
is feminine within language

a knot

for example

in english the plural becomes singular
or the
singular becomes hungry for plural
or the plurisingular of the english i

dame la mano paloma
or give me your hand pigeon
or give me your hand dove
or give me your hand paloma
where paloma is an aerial rat
or peaceful
or a supreme

or o or
a woman in a nest
who is pretext for song
where paloma is a knot of distances
between roof and plaza
between bridge and floor
between foot and ground
a knot of limitations

like we are

in language

it isn’t about
whether we are in one
but rather if we are one
if i one are

dost thou understand?

in spanish the plural we
sounds like french
a time machine
in the body is for all
whitman (jaja) in your autumn
on the way to metallurgic winter
there are no leaves only
leaves of tin
and pin plam we sing the body
electric with generator
in case of emergencies

in spanish (in puerto rico)
inventing isn’t limited to creating objects
but rather to hatching encounters


and something isn’t limited to (some)thing
it is tied to inventing
let’s invent something
for example

in time
which is thursday night
we invent a language
within a language
within a language
(an x within
a puerto rico
within a spanish)

in trap
a gen(d)re
a song is invented
which contains two gen(d)res (bunnyette and
bunny/earring(screen) and earring/nail and nail polish/
flesh and custom)
that contains a no place
of now (qué se joda qué se joda
qué se joda) that is also
the historical stretch of oblivion
in addition to how many four-year terms
in which a last name is re-invented

a contradiction
has a bad rep most times
for example
to be of the present and at the same time denounce a past
to have before and after a storm
without storm shutters
to not choose (decide-yourself) one gen(d)re
nor denounce the misogyny
you wear today and tmw
maybe knowing the absurdity of the
pain you cause

has a bad rep
because we also don’t know
how to drive within a house
if an island is a house

if a stadium is a good place
to rehearse games

the games seriously
kill us outside

you can hurt (in me)
suddenly memoried
love is like that
familiar and excessive

a contradiction has a bad rep in both languages
unless you call it paradox
which sounds pretty and very university

but a contradiction is a knot
line that superchecksout(something)

until we answer
fuck off

vs. fuck it

both use the idea of entanglement
with a pointy object

to sew but without history

line with no guarantees

a knot is a nest of contradictions
a gen(d)re that seeks itself
and wounds the air
a fist with a knifeful

more sound

instead of ay
or o or

e of indifferent(e)
to indifference
wing a of the bird
of two wings
wing b
of the pigeon

e being decadent(e)

knot knot knot
and absinthe sun-soaked
by moon

for example
in spanish
gender is my name
if i add selectivity

it is also a song
and a contradiction if i take out

one is not one
but number and person

to add or subtract has a bad rep
unless you call it paradox
that sounds like university
or poem

for example

in inglichess
poems behave
very well if they are against well
they have poise

but in spanish
(in puerto rico)
(in one)
poems are in a bad way
the very bad bad

and they often come out

Last updated November 07, 2022