sea of the poem (an annex so we may dream backwards)

by Raquel Salas Rivera

Raquel Salas Rivera

enjoy our américa’s big party . . .
at the bottom of the sea!



the wing of the sea is the wave;
the wave of the sky is the rain;
the salt of the rain falls as hail;
and the hail of hate rains in shots;

the shot of the soul is the bell;
bell without time is the ballad;
ballad that craves no beloved:
the love that names not its ballad.

a bridle-less horse is this life;
the life of the sea is the wave;
the wave of the bird is the wing;
and the wing of hatred is war;
the war of the wind is the storm;
storm of the soul, the beloved;
beloved of all, the poet;
poet of the sea, mariner;
sea of the poem, the future.

Last updated November 07, 2022