the gargoyle

by Raquel Salas Rivera

Raquel Salas Rivera

for the night is thick,
but the girl is thicker.”
“gargoyle” by arcángel

to steal a chicken or two
to leave a blood and feather path
to sharpen your fangs with a gas station blade
to rip the aluminum paper cage
to warm your wings by beating the air
to create a whirlwind with liftoff
to have ember eyes and weight of stone
to get tired of la metro and go to the outlets
to suck a few nocturnal goats
to deny you’re related to the chupacabras
to fuck around during election year
to explain you are of this earth
to deny you are of this era
to show up acting a threat
to alarm the good citizens
to knock down the afternoon’s spectacular show
to sell tedium and heat
to fill the forest with frightful noise
to take hybridity to heart
to deny europe the origin
to beat the bats and bullets
to be more powerful than the federali
to hide in the mountains
to become a fucking legend
to steal a few roosters you don’t eat
to train them for the great celestial war
to tell the mayor to fuck off
to learn from the múcaro to hunt
to migrate because of the hotass heat
to work as a guard in a chicago church
to come back because god pays shit
to unlive again off unemployment
to forever have beef with your neighbors

Last updated November 07, 2022