A Sonnet from Ariosto

by Robert Greene

Robert Greene

The sweet content that quiets angry thought,
The pleasing sound of household harmony,
The physic that allays what fury wrought,
The huswife's means to make true melody,
Is not with simple, harp, or worldly pelf,
But smoothly by submitting of herself.

Juno the queen and mistress of the sky,
When angry Jove did threat her with a frown,
Caus'd Ganymede for nectar fast to hie,
With pleasing face to wash such choler down;
For angry husbands find the soonest ease,
When sweet submission choler doth appease.

The laurel that impales the head with praise,
The gem that decks the breast of ivory,
The pearl that's orient in her silver rays,
The crown that honours dames with dignity;
No saphire, gold, green bays, nor margarite,
But due obedience worketh this delight.

Last updated September 28, 2017