The Description of John Gower

by Robert Greene

Robert Greene

Large he was; his height was long;
Broad of breast; his limbs were strong;
But colour pale, and wan his look,--
Such have they that ply their book;
His head was gray and quaintly shorn;
Neatly was his beard worn;
His visage grave, stern, and grim,--
Cato was most like to him;
His bonnet was a hat of blue;
His sleeves straight of that same hue;
A surcoat of a tawny dye
Hung in plaits over his thigh;
A breech close unto his dock,
Handsom'd with a long stock;
Prick'd before were his shoon,
He wore such as others doon;
A bag of red by his side,
And by that his napkin tied.
Thus John Gower did appear,
Quaint attired, as you hear.

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