The Description of Solomon

by Robert Greene

Robert GreeneReligious

His stature tall, large, and high,
Lim'd and featur'd beauteous lie,
Chest was broad, arms were strong.
Locks of amber passing long,
That hang and waved upon his neck,
Heavens' beauty might they check.
Visage faire and full of grace,
Mild and stern, for in one place,
Sat mercy meekly in his eye:
And justice in his looks hard by.
His robes of bisse, were crimson hew,
Bordered round with twins of blue:
In Tyre no richer silk sold,
Over braided all with gold:
Costly set with precious stone,
Such before I never saw none.
A massy crown upon his head,
Checkered through with rubies red.
Orient pearl and bright topace,
Did burnish out each valiant place.
Thus this Prince that seemed sage,
Did go in royal equipage.

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