The Voice of Martyrs

by Leighton Ainsworth


Do you hear the echo of the distance cries
Of Christians being persecuted willing and ready to die
Do you hear their prayers filled with faith and grief
Asking God for comfort for peace and for relief
Do you see each tear drop as they roll down each face
Of those that are imprisoned for sharing God's grace
Do you see the hurting the wounded and the dead
Those who have been tortured for the words that they've said
Do you see the marks they bare beaten black and blue
Just for holding a bible and for staying true
Do you see the dead tell me what is it that you see
The Christians willing to die so that others can be free
We forget the privileges we have to simply read and pray
Whilst others are being persecuted every single day
We have a bible that we often never read
Whilst others struggle constantly and live in desperate need
We can serve God with boldness without being afraid
Whilst others are martyred for the choice they have made.
We are so privileged yet God's message we do not share
Whilst they suffer for their faith they so humbly declare
We have a place of worship yet often we do not go
Whilst they are beaten for the faith that they chose to show
We can pray boldly without a single care
Whilst others are being killed for uttering a prayer
So why is it that we live as though we are not free
For those being martyred would love our liberty
Seldom do we pray for we don't appreciate it's worth
Our life a reflection of a God we claim to serve.
Whilst there are those who willingly lay down their life
For the privilege of being a called a Christian and to serve Christ.

Oh Christian do not be silent let your heart be stirred
That the voice of each martyr is declared and heard
Let there suffering be heard for they willing die
Just for the honor of saying a Christian am I
They receive no accolade no reward and no fame
They found the greatest honour in glorifying God's name
And though it costs them there life to say that they believe
They are willing to die that this truth others can receive.
Do you hear the voice of each martyred saint
Or have you turned away so that there voices become faint
Do you hear the voices of those that die each day
Or so consumed by self do you walk away

Leighton Ainsworth

Leighton Ainsworth is pastoring in Bexleyheath Kent he was sent out in Feb 2009 to pioneer a work from the Rotherhithe church. He has been writing poetry since 1993 and believes that it is a gift from God. He is a successful writer having published Holiness or Hell and is currently working on his second book which is due for release in 2014. He is married and has three children

Last updated July 01, 2015