A Sailboat in a Lake .. Searching for something fake

till we met .. everything was the same

the moon.. the tears & smiles had no name

sorrows over seas .. had no shame

years of decades .. just came

with lights .. much poor than a flame

then the moment .. you passed by

the colours of life .. flying nearby

craweled up hills .. reaching my sky

carrying rainbows .. into my heart & eye

& peace by peace .. keys by keys

you took it all .. with a wonderful ease

even warmth .. was tending to freeze

left me nothing .. to hold , to seize

that's why .. for your sake

i became a sailboat .. lost in your lake

with floads .. do rise & falls to shake

sailing in fogs .. for something fake

samy aly abdallah mahmoud allam's picture

i 'm a physician & a poet

Last updated August 17, 2011