Buddha's Laugh

by Sonya Ki Tomlinson

Pearl on the tip
of my nose
drops into the
Ocean of Milk
flooding my heart
I laugh to myself
as if awakening suddenly
from a lucid dream
for so long I have wrestled
with an angel
danced, courted and eloped
with a figment of my imagination
not realizing that the mystery
I've sought for umpteen lifetimes
that fleeting, enchanting shadow
was never apart from me
never separate or distant
in fact, right under my nose
as near and dear as the
breath darting in and
out of my nostrils

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Namaste, It's a given that most folks want to be happy. In my life I have experienced great bliss through creative expression. I love to write, splash colors across canvases and sing devotional songs. Travel is also high on my bliss list. I have journeyed through India, the Land of Om, twelve times. While in India I received guidance, love and inspiration from my Guru, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Swami has been my unfailing support, protection and source of Supreme bliss. As His humble instrument I invoke this prayer", “Sri Saraswati may the words I pen flow, directly from the lips of Heaven.”, Lots of Prema, sonya ki

Last updated February 22, 2014