Do You Remember 1914 Grandad?

by Steve Sant

"I do", he said recalling clear
"Wid bin up Dudley wi the os..
delivered all the kegs and bottles
...had the cash to gi the boss".

"Yav eard I spose", the boss enquired
"Eard wha?" we answered now as one,
"Wim at war wi Germany",
An that is when it all begun.

"It wo last lung I doe spose",
He added wi a little smile,
"An sides yam onny babbies yet
..yowl be round these parts yet awhile".

An he was right remember thinkin,
Fifteen years woz all I bin,
Sam me mate was eighteen soon,
It might last lung enuff for him.

Then he lights his pipe my granddad,
Staring into days long past,
Deep in thought he gives a sigh,
"Ar they sed it wouldn't last".

Shakes his head and says no more,
Regrets my question I can see,
Its took him back to darkened places,
Places he don't want to be.

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Published British poet., Interests include World War One, Social Justice., Influences include Betjemen, Plath and Auden.

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