Lifetime Of Death

by Steve Sant

A Lifetime Of Death

The broken feeling you learn it young
You must for it's certainty true
No hysterical fits just stiff upper lips
We are British and that's what we do

So when I was but five and my grandfather died
And old aunts wept silent tears
I acted much older me being a brave soldier
My conduct addressed not my fears

My mother explained how it all got arranged
You had to be good and be kind
And long as you are a virtuous star
You shall leave the old devil behind

What is good though I wonder still on it I ponder
Some horrible people do pray
At this my fathers wake I make the mistake
Of thinking there's nothing to say

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Published British poet., Interests include World War One, Social Justice., Influences include Betjemen, Plath and Auden.

Last updated December 27, 2017