Lucid Dreams

Can we pretend that this isn’t a dream, but a reality that tries to persists even against all my will?
Now let’s go back to the days where situations weren’t so complicated
With age, wisdom comes, but with age comes complications and emotions
Emotions transform into whatever society wants it to become
We had simpler solutions to this growing problem
But if we had to pretend, then we’ll find ourselves in a lucid dream

Times were simpler when I found myself trying not to chase after happiness
Embodying happiness as if my acquaintances became my reality
I find the world trying to mimic my every move,
Finding shadows to become friends with,
Complicating every simple solution,
Throwing pennies in the wishing well because I need it so desperately
Escaping my realities to find a parallel universe where choices happen in different outcomes
The “what if’s” that can’t be answered through complications
Emotions I can’t seem to put a finger on
I seem to be flowing through life so effortlessly
Almost too effortlessly, where it cannot be this easy
This reality I see right now, cannot be my consciousness
Change it back to the simple ways so I can tell you the story of dreams
Where dreams become the only way to tell a story
Moralities found within you
Interchanged so beautifully
Only to find yourself wake up to the cold world
Where the shivers are the fright that you feel down your spine
Trying to decipher the pain sensations in your body
And gaining control over every situation that complicates your emotions
I see smiles and warmth in this life, but what’s missing is the true love that makes this so purposeful
If this is an lucid dream,
I can’t seem to put a finger on it

The ending,
It isn’t by the dreams that we see in our minds
It’s by the dreams that exist in the real world
But to find reality?
Finding a clear and present purpose
It’s the hardest part to escape from the lucid dream
This fake reality that we call life without purpose

Absent Minded

I'm Talha Jafri, I always felt that my sole purpose in the world is to express the best way I possibly can. My poetry tries to evoke emotions from people who went through similar experiences.

Last updated July 04, 2011