by Todd H. C. Fischer

The horse of Hades
with its pale white flesh
flows across the ceiling
its black plathian eyes
staring fire that chills
shadow blotting unicorns
angels on strings
quiver in its breath
weirdfruit smell like
a strung-out tortoise
bear's fur curls in fear
under equine gaze
wooden bars darken
ragged cloth of security
full of holes
small undefended eyes
lock and glaze
a rattle sounds
pink hand lies
unmoving on pillow
riding the rocking horse of death

Todd H. C. Fischer's picture

Todd Fischer has been an artist and a writer his entire life and has had several stories and pictures appear in small press journals world wide. He has also published newsletters and chapbooks under the 'imelod Publications' label during the 90's, as well as for several clubs and organizations. He is one of the founders of 'Stonebunny Press' which publishes a variety of material, and is a freelance artist through his Arm Cross Studios., He has worked as a Production Scheduler in a recording studio (recording books for the blind), as well a variety of odd jobs such as window cleaner, grass cutter in a cemetery and as a face painter., In his free time Todd is a medieval re-enactor and a proud member of the Lions. He is a voracious reader, a cartoonist and sometimes playtests various games (including the RPG ‘Spaceship Zero’ and the Rifts CCG). Map making, book collecting, story writing/telling, Halo and poetry are also activities that Todd enjoys.

Last updated August 10, 2011