To Phyllis

by William Somervile

William Somervile

Though close immur'd, poor captive Maid!
Young Danai play'd a wanton's part,
The gold that in her lap was laid
Soon found a passage to her heart.

Ambitious Semeie, beguil'd
By Juno's unrelenting hate.
Amid the bright destruction smil'd;
Enjoy'd her God, and died in state.

The swan on Leda's whiter breast,
Artful deceiver! nestling lay
With joy she clasp'd her downy guest,
Fond of a bird so soft and gay.

What boon can faithful merit share,
Where interest reigns, or pride, or show?
'Tis the rich banker wins the fair,
The garter'd knight, or feather'd beau.

No more my panting heart shall beat,
Nor Phyllis claim one parting groan;
Her tears, her vows, are all a cheat,
For woman loves herself alone.

Last updated November 04, 2022