Ode to a Harmonica

I love you, Janis,
Because my lips go with you so naturally.
I never regret kissing you,
Bercause I know that you
Have felt my kiss alone.
You were made for my kiss.

I love you Janis,
Because your body was made for me.
Your body fits in my
Hand, perfectly. When I rub
My hand across your smooth surface
It feels natural.
People sometimes say that you're too big,
Or that you're obnoxious.
To that, I say, “fuck 'em”.
You were made for my touch.

I love you Janis,
Because of your beautiful singing voice.
Your voice is always pure and perfect.
It matters not what note you try to hit.
Maybe your sisters are more famous singers,
But I say, you outdo any of them.
I also love it that you only sing for me.
Your beautiful voice was made for me.

I love you Janis,
Because you provide companionship
In the darkest hour.
You are always there for me, no
Matter what I've done.
You always make me feel better.
People can keep their chocolate,
And their beer, because I've got something better.
Your loyalty was made for me.

I love you Janis,
Because you are.
Nothing could make me forget you.
I may move on to others,
But you will always be my first.
Nothing will ever change that.
My Janis.
You were made for me.

Alex Gross

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My name is Alexandra Gross. I am a poet, but also a fiction writer. I love writing and women above all. I am currently in high school, hope to go to a small women' college, and eventually get an MFA from the University of Iowa.

Last updated December 14, 2011