A Gypsy In A State Of Love

In an ornamented gypsy's dress
My tresses decorated with red roses
My neck and wrists with necklaces
And bracelets of gardenia
The jingling of my anklet
Foregoing to your meeting
Announcing my arriving steps
The sound of my castanets
Echoing in the open space
Whenever I beat my tambour
At the beginning of evening
After the sun departed
Leaving a touch of its setting
On my cheeks
My shyness of meeting you
And my timidity's instinct
The sparkles of stars splitting the sky
The moonlight slipping from concealment
A gypsy in a state of love
Left without an earlier appointment
Sure of my love
Your picture engraved like a tattoo
In my fantasy since birth
Longing for you haunts my insides
Yearning to find you runs in my blood
But after I left to meet you
After waiting so long
After breaking the chains
And overstepping the limits
I woke up from my dream
To discover that my braid
Wasn't yet undone
I was never decorated with red roses
And gardenia
Never ever wore an anklet

(Translated by the poet myself "Azza El Wakeel" from its original Arabic language into English language)


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Name: Azza El Wakeel, Websites: https://azzaelwakeel.com, https://azzaelwakeel.ampbk.com/, Wordpress blog: https://azzaelwakeel.wordpress.com/, YouTube channel:, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhv1K6O1QK6_DEJ1XsSLeA, Goodreads Author Page:, https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/22062308.Azza_El_Wakeel, Author's page on arabworldbooks:, https://www.arabworldbooks.com/en/authors/azza-elwakeel, Nationality: Egyptian, Born & living in Alexandria, Birthday: 19 March, Sign: Pisces, Graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Business & Administration department, Alexandria University - Egypt, Writing is my hobby, Wrote my thoughts in "Sayidaty" Arab family magazine from 1992 till 1996 in a weekly comlumn named:, "Words For Him", Published my poems and articles later in different Arabic magazines and news papers, Translated some of my modern poems from their original Arabic into English and was able to reach English audience, My translated poems were published in:, The Poetry Anthology: A Generation Defining Itself, "In Our Own Words X", The Black and White Review "Private", And in several English websites:, Arabesques review, Other Voices Poetry, Poetry Repairs, Published my writings in several Arabic websites' magazines and forums:, "Nashiri, Al Rabetta, Anhaar, Al Nadawi", Playing piano, reading, painting and watching movies are also my hobbies, Books:, Untraditional Woman 1999 in Arabic Language (self published), First Seasons Of Love 2000 in Arabic Language (self published), The Distance 2022 in English Language, Published by Austin Macauley Publishers UK, https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/the-distance

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