Earth 1

by Bruce Andrews

Bruce Andrews

buffing beams
total in parts lights back.
Many short words
I don't want to
get over you circumlocution for Paradise
- passively possessibly inaudibly
handwritten I didn't
write it down enables transitory strenuously concealed;
word's octobering memoir deadbeated
lacteal monogram it's forbidden
to remember tool
at once enunciatory sash amnesia
I don't know now follow desire
I don't think I knew before.
You can't portray women as they really are
- grab at so unclear book eased farther behind.
You name it: the inner ritual image-forms
- reverse false, represents
other units hatching improperly
knuckles discouraged epousing the literal as quest
lavish lie plastered over with a layer of soon points
intellectual pancake justified with exactness.
Bodice gravure muscles in
do you copy? strap holds future up
-heraldry of.
Gameplan covets
drip drop fortless of course sound too is a thing.
Apostrophe's empty
lonely copies fragile squeak
no escapism from quotes,
the writer is talking about the panic
in own head heels a bargain air condescends
as consummate air vulnerably lettered.
Dim aeons literature as raffle? put paper
in typewriter because you have a problem?- finite

Lip Service

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