Moon 1

by Bruce Andrews

Bruce Andrews

Bothersome that feelings fit others
glaring certainty a rendezvous
of copies nice to doodle up in style
embedded static counter proof-well, I guess...
soft pet scald syllabic- exclusive figural hostage-
a single word from you would make me happy:
every sort of yellow is discernible stenographic
pre-insignia corsage caption
legible mouth
gest erases tongue dumber ink talking diagonals
and unmoved lips- watch them hard
from invisibility, I don't wish to be misunderstood
speech as self
conspiratorial ettings
underline helps half cut for confidence
tricks& devices make up my mind to embalm
pushing is such easy prey;
Charm Master, let's say I repeat mere outline of
somehow pumps
look I like lose in looks
"to become' & 'to appear' are the same
a contrario goof, a spell behaved
souvenir pinch painted wardens
scared to fake redress by projectile graphic lids
laid eyes on-what opals, what clovers, eye-level stress
imagery sale cipher fitted to inwards as if
into the distance:
simulcrayon scopafidelity
My insomnia quarreled over nomenclature: narcissism
carries some obligations, some certainty of disregard
distorts the earlier swans
always trussed up apparent solitary
inanimate silly squeak artificers
not just your everyday lingerie pictures, Full Feature muscles
against opinion
he detects no irony, an inert appliqué
fraction counterfeit whisper
flaccid bijou-personalize these eyelids, those hatched
out touches
squeeze it myself- Xerox terse chintz to go
mirrored beyond repair
unreal, deceitfully added,
photo leans
fluff detail
lately tourniquet
s'pose's sordid shallow theme shallow cargo haunting on whites
play into soiled hands, invitation
is a looser, exclusion has its own rewardssheen v'lume
Artifice aborts
frothy pornoptic
sink & depict pupil;
font flam shone counterfeit go awkward
crawling with tarts
primp within lean, falsely familiar
factless masks of masks
camera invents to prod this host briefs
superimposed resists.
You at least owe me a scene
sooner sudden bashful dissimulators accord addict
concavity photo sabre corner wonders fatal weird
combed to the front torsos enamor unperceived ribbed unevenly
I'm not forcing cosmetics
up in price unattentively
scrape conveniently buzzer closer
crinolined corrodes by whispering
spied as short out vulgar nothing optical beauty diction
by fusing a firefly gene, slender claws
painted cupids at odds inflamed
with the object glare from wire
wireless satisficer thoughts
are accidents inspired by entertainment.
a lesson in swats it
blinded fraud acts con-(the lies are pushes
to their insulting compassion)-naively
bait eager train to feign
obduracy recoil
fake eardrums on a silencer lessons mistrust, says to me
shadow multiplies the button slight
keeps puerile with radar
we have an understanding mewing taintedly
don't fidelity zip quiet superstition
&models just imitate them,
did you say juiceless form or formless juice?-
deflationary brush-stroke signs revolve
of prank up fuels of
darling iota, lush life- tall letters on hatbox
vote accessorized with
rarefying cleans up after doctrine -
I want something I'm spurious
about it I can turn off-
ornament sequels crime.
Therefore like that ..
stable means
glib stitch debilitating
corpus fabricating premium fakery smear
appease audible afraid.
And I, code mine, loudness all over its junk
careless static
corrupt imagination's passion brain peacock visor
for some reason it's hard for me to imagine
fitful forfeit 'in order to' demolishes
compulsive extra, too much
elbow begins to write retinal fixing, energized by it, creases
humming crease-breaks:
secretions of dissembling
symptomatically facetious
transition needed-
another dim
only eyes more exhaust imagery holds the dissipation together
plethora pomp
flimsily irradiated cerebral handjob
makeup than the man innate eclipse
dishing visibility
affect plus ultra tool-like melancholy
content, stylized fuck facts, gall-outs
nonspeaking crystal advertising head-
innate command form leased demise claws are honest
& objects are some circulating victims:
our care with sufficers
every fake looks flat, nothing escapes his inattention
poly proper
worries apt court.

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