Mercury 1

by Bruce Andrews

Bruce Andrews

AFTER crystal trick contrary
alibi abides skull simplicity
peripheral angle that you
nerves oriented hammier
mime that ovum unbosoming scribbler
poovay voo prahngdr may merzewr
ahksehptay voo der sehrveer
der taymwang?-

unbridled plagiarizing massed proverbs on pointe
the trick:
wedded and false-free fount unwedded words enjoin deceit,
mere symbol-albinos
I eye overcathecting practical babble
in the compression crystal to grind light-
bright bleeds through Apparent Signal utterer
doctrinaire about thoughts' agile much-decorated complacency
antacided into silence
the ideal flagellates
diverse dissatisfacted
fumbling for the lock forfeit
diamond bits on end persisting machine;
and skid spacing
Precs Rhet
even intervalling memory guise
inward dive hand to hand reactive doubling
pecking as composing
Happy contortious Chatter arguing with
focal infinites a slight objectification calls it justice:
every chicken head has humans in its eggs.
I was damage talks
that I sense, you're mouth man refrigerant mentions
tremor acidics, repeat it hone it, utility means
means you've got a big built-in napkin on your hands:
tools' face wit
well-points & spring-points calm leaks
getting the drawers among the legs,
resources catch your eye, the most heaping pierced
outlying zero animates zero
will of the couplet really do else & vain.
And before l 'ad
nub with false pretenses
this brain celibate brochure proprietress
annexed artificial two deflate divergent
can't be diffusioned; sensitive as a nerve melt agrees,
scaffolding paid gestation law
Lanvin and all story depository is closed in etiquette
missing gums imprison her on paper ghostly levitation
novice slice bland at root, the valorizing
lacks content;
but I'm a tool to prop up the ideas that keep me down
for which I write to hear myself a recipient
silent implant charge's
incubus casually machinic
mistakes minute skewers
as censors inward grammar halts
at immediate fiction requirement sounds cheap
insubstantially unserious genetic hubris multiplicity
men are just physically used to looking down on sincere women
prophylactic boosters subdivide to flatten the surge as tame
as mute's wage total waiting, arms akimbo
with your ticket: Need waits:
the head is missing.
I don't effervesce a lot
statemental brain attitude balcony
now as I other quote posed
intelligence as a form of bronzing, mimetic emptiness
erasing singly refrigeration in dreams
spectral liberties
A comma would better express his intentionwhite don't
rub off liftful stance so
sermon implant married the buttons, the near
is less near
contracting absence, every contradiction to justify repetition
is false light could improve
it true.
As soon as censor stare open & kept
boundaries buy
miniature restricting button oral rused, inappropriate valve
home bits tongue
stay the say the same party lesion lie
dice so small castrated keyless impossibility
into equality: you can't happen
the document capsizes personal experience, eggs forgiven
bookend numbness
cute on the tube nominally beheaded;
and that's a thought-stopper!
my table of contents is useless
policing the libido, love's winterization
arms disappearance against affirm blip voucher
swoon sign conjunction diminish to go
I still like the old sentence
grammar as your model for misunderstanding
less than coinage can bear.

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