Wind Me Up Unknowing

by Bruce Andrews

Bruce Andrews

Wind me up unknowing, a steady nocturnal
you’re in danger of the worrying never makes
a noise speculative to touch
a sort of poetic radiator
sacked by flesh the memories could go on
vacation & I identify with myself first —
your snapshots were my belt limbed
the usually tongue-tied tactics
for queasiness you never look forward to
seeing me when you’re with me
you’re pretty inconsiderable
not begs to differ, something emotional could
insist defeat in a mention your blustering
about immediacy, smug my shield
raped by unknown all itch
dizzy night without reward into conversation
I’m not sure the writer has a way with
words, misgivings, misperceivings
pressure felt sorry even desire is undesirable —
can the small head be bedrest
too willfully peppered I relax to feed
deserted mouthpiece who said history has nudity
picked out with real virgins

Last updated December 24, 2022