Above The Atmosphere

As I escape above the earth’s atmosphere,
I realize I no longer need to selfishly gasp for air.
All my dark fears lost in a red and blue solar flare,
creating something light years, light years beyond rare.

After journeying for what feels like nearly a hundred years,
I find myself on the sands of a star ocean shore.
The water is crystal clear as I peer to the ocean floor,
watching as I am mesmerized by the schools of meteor.

Drifting through deep space like a star without a care
or orbiting Saturn’s seven rings as a celestial satellite.
I am bathed by the sun’s glare within the darkest night,
now onward toward Castor and Pollux, a cynosure of bright light.

Deeper and deeper I venture wonderfully into the void
where I find a votive welcome in a vivacious verse:
A starlight stream of asteroids sailing across the universe
leave stardust memories where once they had traversed.

And so it is in this galaxy in which I do soar,
that I have found celestial paradise once spoken of in lore.
Rapture upon rapture reprised by the Cosmos’ roar
Surely I cannot, cannot ask for more.

Christian Conte's picture

An aspiring writer and poet out of Boston, MA.

Last updated September 19, 2011