Eternal Desire

Bathing in the fresh air I call out to the sea
why haven't u taken me?
the ravaging waves crash the shore as i carelessly bathe in the water's mystical sense
I know it is waiting
heaven's door
I wonder as the birds dive
why haven't you taken me?
I feel this embrace knowing I want it more and more
a magical touch of a greater life
no stress or hate
just love and light
looking ahead I lie awake on heaven's plan
cant stand to know I haven't left yet
wanting to caress the secrets of this exit
the sky turns black
my soul is waiting for the eternal departure
blackness to light.
heaven is asking are u ready to come with me?
I drift away
swept up by the shore
divinity has swept across the land
I am free to roam.
heaven's door has opened and let me in
never knowing what to truly get
I awake and a question arises
you finally have taken me
I wait no more
sunlight given from the creator fulfills my heart
no questions, just answers as my heart explores.
lingering thoughts and surprises feel these realms as I gaze to the almighty showered in His love.

29 year old american indian female from pittsburgh, pa, enjoy reading, writing, nature, internet

Last updated September 16, 2011