My Pipe

by Christopher Morley

Christopher Morley

My pipe is old
And caked with soot;
My wife remarks:
"How can you put
That horrid relic,
So unclean,
Inside your mouth?
The nicotine
Is strong enough
To stupefy
A Swedish plumber."
I reply:

"This is the kind
Of pipe I like:
I fill it full
Of Happy Strike,
Or Barking Cat
Or Cabman's Puff,
Or Brooklyn Bridge
(That potent stuff)
Or Chaste Embraces,
Knacker's Twist,
Old Honeycomb
Or Niggerfist.

I clamp my teeth
Upon its stem--
It is my bliss,
My diadem.
Whatever Fate
May do to me,
This is my favourite
B B.
For this dear pipe
You feign to scorn
I smoked the night
The boy was born."

Last updated November 04, 2022