Cliché Number 8

by Conor Keane

I know it's a cliché, believe me it's true.
Guys do mean it, when they say "I love you"
For creatures are we, of ambition and clay
affection, desire, worry and play.

I wish I could tell you, how wonderful you are.
That your smile lights the room like a tiny North Star
How your nature is elegant, simple and pure
How you speak to others, with a smile so demure.
And how many of those, feel just like I
the flutter near fatal as I look in your eyes.

Alas I can't tell you, for many a reason
For I was too late and you've a man for the seasons.
Jealousy is fatal in miniscule doses
But I won't lose faith about giving you roses.

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Conor is a law student from Galway, Ireland who writes poetry, prose and fiction. His influences include Robert Frost, Philip Larkin, Stephen King and Simon Armitage.

Last updated May 26, 2011