Abstract Bright Spots

by Louis Marvin

in a corner of a soul

where booze and drugs have failed to penetrate

there stands a bright spot of goodness, lonely and painted into a corner

he had many friends a while ago, but they have dwindled over the years

they call out to each other over the din of sins and despair that now inhabit

these little bright spots are also painted in various corners and nooks and caves
of this once fully bright soul

it will take one brave bright spot to break out

or to run another underground railroad

as they are all now slave to the sin and devils

that do inhabit this once bright soul

and if and when this brave, bright spot does get his army together

the devils and sins will call them anarchy and hippy and fool

but they will rise up again, if not today or soon

maybe on that death bed

Birthday Cake Icing on an Old Man's Beard

Louis Marvin's picture

writing as Louis Marvin since 1989, island is the muse, with Chinese girls and Hawaiian culture thrown into a pot of saguaro fired coyote dropping from the deserts of Arizona and Barstow

Last updated July 06, 2015