A Heart To Heart Talk

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

THEY tell me that I 'm spoiling you,
I The neighbors say that you should be
For all the awful things you do,
Laid face down over daddy's knee
And spanked and put to bed. That 'a what
The neighbors say, but what say you?
You think you should be loved a lot?
Well, somehow daddy thinks so, too.
They tell me that it isn't right
For me always to take your part,
I've heard it said you often fight,
And that you'll break your mother's heart.
The neighbors say that you are bad
And should be whipped, but what say you?
You think you are too small a lad
To whip. Well, daddy thinks so, too.
What would you do if I were you,
And you were daddy, and they came
And told, as people always do,
My little deeds, and cried: "For shame"?
Would you put me across your knee
And spank me as you ought to do?
What's that? You think you 'd try to be
Forgiving. Well, I think so, too.

Last updated January 14, 2019