A Lullaby

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

THE dream ship is ready, the sea is like gold
And the fairy prince waits in command;
There's a cargo of wonderful dreams in the hold,
For the baby that seeks Slumberland.
There are fairies in pink and good fairies in white,
A watch o'er the baby to keep,
Now the silver sails fill with the breeze of the night,
All aboard, for the Harbor of Sleep!
I pray that no tempest shall ruffle the sea
Through the long night that he is away;
And I pray the good captain will bring him to me
With a smile at the close of the day.
Oh, soft as his breath be the breezes that blow,
And gentle the long waves that sweep
The wonderful ship that is waiting to go
With my babe to the Harbor of Sleep.
Softly, so softly, the ship slips away
With its silver sails catching the breeze,
The stars in the sky seem to twinkle and say
Our watch we will keep o'er the seas.
And never a tempest shall happen this night,
But peace shall slip down on the deep,
Safe and sound shall return, with the coming of light,
Your babe from the Harbor of Sleep.

Last updated January 14, 2019