Do You?

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

YOU pay what you owe to your neighbor, I know,
You do the square thing by your brother,
Your word is as good in your own neighborhood
As the bond or the cash of another.
With promptness you pay all your bills on the day
They are due, with a check or the pelf,
But let me inquire, when alone by the fire,
Do you ever square up with yourself?
Do you ever sit down, when you've come from the town
And sum up your work for the day?
Do you look over all, both the big and the small,
And check them and file them away?
Are you honest with " you " in all things that you do,
Do your credits and debits agree?
With your neighbors you 're fair, but are you on the square
With yourself as you really should be?
Say, young man I Look here! Are you really sincere;
Are you honestly doing your best?
Are you bluffing your way, or prepared any day
For life to put you to the test?
Are you sure of your ground, are your principles sound,
Are your purposes honest and true?
Paying bills as you go is a good sign, I know,
But how do you square up with "you "?
There's a debt that you owe to yourself. Is it paid?
An account of your own that is due; "
As good as your word " is a phrase often heard,
Would your conscience repeat it of you?
Your grocer may dwell on your promptness and tell
How you pay for the goods on his shelf;
But think you today that your conscience would say
That you 're honest and square with yourself?

Last updated January 14, 2019