by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

OLD MAN, if I could have my wish
As I take this cigar from you,
It wouldn't be for wealth or fame,
For glory or an honored name;
But it would be that I might, too,
Come down the street, my head awhirl,
And shout: "Friend, smoke, for it's a girl! "
I envy no king, crown or throne,
Nor Rockefeller all his wealth;
I envy no man's splendid home,
The leisure that he has to roam,
I am content while I have health;
But in my heart I envy you,
Cigars I 'd like to pass out, too.
I've lit your good cigar and now
Are visions dancing in the smoke.
Time was my heart leaped with the thrill
Of joy as yours - but now 'tis still,
And I - I sit and choke.
So, it's a girl? Hooray! Hooroo!
But, pal o' mine, I envy you.

Last updated January 14, 2019