Lines To The Wash Woman

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

LADY, when you say you'll come
Tuesday morn to do our washing,
Tell us if there isn't some
Way to know if you are joshing?
When you promise to be here
Toiling at our tubs and wringers,
And we think you are sincere,
Tell us, do you cross your fingers?
When we show you round our place,
And you vow you'll come and clean it,
How, we ask you to your face,
Can we know you really mean it?
You with promises are glib,
This we do not say to grieve you,
But so many times you fib,
Tell us when can we believe you?
Lady, when we rise at six,
Just to get the water boiling,
We are in a sorry fix
When you dodge your day of toiling.
All your failures leave us glum,
It's a shame to waste a day so,
If you do not mean to come,
Why on earth do you not say so?

Last updated January 14, 2019