Little Marie

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

I REMEMBER the day that you came to me,
Little Marie,
The nurse brought you out so that I might
Little Marie.
Oh, this heart o' mine leapt as I gazed at you
And got my first peep at those eyes o' blue,
And I kissed your cheek and I hugged you, too,
Little Marie.
I remember the very first word you spake,
Little Marie,
The very first steps that you tried to take,
Little Marie;
I remember the very first bump you got
And you came to me and I kissed the spot;
Of your bumps and bruises I've cured a lot,
Little Marie.
The birds in the tree still sing your name,
Little Marie;
The roses somehow aren't quite the same,
Little Marie;
And there isn't a nook in the home or yard
But what like my battered old heart you've scarred;
And we miss you so, and it's oh, so hard!
Little Marie.
You smiled when I said I was losing you,
Little Marie;
You said you'd come back in a year or two,
Little Marie;
And your mother prays, and I say amen,
That we'll be grandpa and grandma then,
And you will place in our arms again
A little Marie.

Last updated January 14, 2019