Mothers' Splendid Dreams

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

Mothers dream such splendid dreams when their little babies smile,
Dreams of wondrous deeds they'll do in the happy after- while;
Every mother of a boy knows that in her arms is curled
One who some day will arise splendidly to serve the world.
Mothers sing their babes to sleep, weaving through their lullabies
Visions of true-hearted men when their sons to man hood rise;
Greatness slumbers in the cot that each mother guards with care,
And the world she knows will be better for her baby fair.
Mothers dream such splendid dreams of the men that are to be
In the years that are to come glorious are the things they see ;
None so poor and none so frail but looks yonder down life's lane
And sees there the splendid heights that her baby will attain.
Mothers dream such splendid dreams, that no matter what we do
We can never hope to make half their visionings come true;
Always, as they look ahead, down the lane of life they see
Greater men than yet have been in the men that are to be.

Last updated January 14, 2019