The Mother Faith

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

Little mother, life's adventure calls your boy away,
Yet he will return to you on some brighter day;
Dry your tears and cease to sigh, keep your mother smile,
Brave and strong he will come back in a little while.
Little mother, heed them not-they who preach despair-
You shall have your boy again, brave and oh, so fair!
Life has need of him to-day, but with victory won,
Safely life shall bring to you once again your son.
Little mother, keep the faith: not to death he goes;
Share with him the joy of worth that your soldier knows.
He is giving to the Flag all that man can give,
And if you believe he will, surely he will live.
Little mother, through the night of his absence long,
Never cease to think of him-brave and well and strong;
You shall know his kiss again, you shall see his smile,
For your boy shall come to you in a little while.

Last updated January 14, 2019