What To Do

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

IF I had wealth and I had health,
And I 'd a roof above me,
If I'd a wife to cheer my life,
But not one child to love me,
No rosy-lipped young laughing miss,
No bright-eyed, roguish laddie,
I 'd search the town, both up and down,
Till one should call me daddie.
I would not have a roof that ne'er
Knew sound of childish chatter,
Nor keep a floor, unlettered o'er
By little feet that patter.
Nor would I hang upon my walls
Great pictures, just to show them,
Unless a tot had left a lot
Of finger-marks below them.
I would not like to settle down
Within my old armchair,
And take my ease, with empty knees -
I want a youngster there.
Likewise with everything I have,
How incomplete 't would be,
Unless I had a girl or lad
To share it all with me.
And so I say if I had wealth,
And had a roof above me.
If I 'd a wife to cheer my life,
But had no child to love me,
Then I would search both up and down,
To beg or buy or borrow,
A child to be a part of me -
I 'd have one here tomorrow.

Last updated January 14, 2019