Sha MO Gre

She looks and cares
I’m privy to the piercing glares
Her eyes are sun wrought spears,
Alas, I’m so bare
The audacity of attempting to plunge
Rapiers into my indurate heart….Do I reck?
I’m bumfuzzled by my Corazon’s nudity.
Must I repent to her loves impugn?

I’m not shackled, stymied, or gyved, yet I feel petrified
And cautiously tethered to her palpitating sanctuary
Closer she wades
The propinquity is a certainty
But my heart feels inurned by expedient spades
“Egad tis a kiss?” “pardie! Pardie!” is my souls rejoinder

We are alone
Only those walls can tell our gest
She flutters at our eynes connect
We shoot words to the breeze as it’s the only thing between us
She tells me grope and I squeeze
Exhale and inhale
Oh how she trembles as if covered in hail
Running the length of her chine
She utters “tis your abode, and thou art mine”
My teeth elicit a response from her nape
We’ve transcended love that is agape
I taunt her with my lips as my hips restrain her pelvis on the apprehensive wall
My digits act as strings, adjoined to her souls vassal
Being tuned for euphony by her hips
A heartfelt moan as my appellation is deified

Vinculum matrimonii attained without marriage

There’s an atypical beat of her heart
Are lives being attuned?
I’m neither leman, novio, squire, nor beau
Still she grants me a buss
She turns a blind eye to my indifference
A deaf ear to my words of unmanned rejections
Are thou feigning Eros?
What be it of her erogenous desires?

Her friends urge her to repudiate my existence
I beseech her “harken to their words”
She stares and inquires “why?”
“Im too callow for your affy,
Your life has just begun,
You’ll find one with thrice my allure”
She smiles as if she’s heard naught
“ You know you’re going to be the cause of my defloration”

I’ve become a daft infatuate
Now her words and actions have feck
Pray this is an illusion, an apocryphal will-o- the wisp
A lewd is by her side I can see the concupiscence in his wisps
Who is he to elicit the same response as I
He makes tactual advances with nary an opposition from the lady
Amor vincit omnia? To what end? Fie! I’m finished

Vapors rive my ducts tearing whichever way tears must

I hem and haw as the ham and eggers
In their appraisal of another’s probity
I was an itinerant and she my Baedeker
Until I changed guides and discerned the prime rose path
Devoid of the vale of tears
Was I in l---?


Floyd P Lawson

Floyd P Lawson, Born: July 12, 1992, Works:The Itinerant

Last updated May 06, 2013