Mind Decay

by Jeffrey T. Bender

From a dark room came destruction,
A twisted plot to kill the world.
To show the power of one mind's corruption,
From a dark room, his plan unfurled.
He set to work, it gave him pleasure,
His fingers moving with skill and ease.
He took his time, he felt no pressure,
The intention, built by this wretched disease.
But then something surfaced, a force of resistance,
To combat his thoughts, stop them completely.
They shattered his dreams, put an end to his visions,
They caught him in hiding and killed him discreetly.
His ideas were never copied, his plans, never set in motion,
For his secrets died with him, at the bottom of the ocean.

Fountain, Colorado

I was born in 1986 in Mtn. Home, Idaho. I began writing poems at the age of 15, my freshman year of high school, in 2001, with the poem 'Mind Decay'. Mind Decay is a 14 line Shakespearean style sonnet about the capabilities of one mind to alter the world. Some of my poems are love based, but many others are based around grand themes such as revolution, or space exploration, or alternate realities. Much of my poetry is fiction with an underlying message of reality tucked in.

Last updated September 08, 2011