Bike Racks

I'll always remember that white knuckle embrace by the bike racks
and frightening;
the world spinning around us a slow circus wheel.
(you're saying something about our love as a teenager should, making it as essential as the air we breathe)
You don't understand.
You could have been anybody.
The girl in my Science class who laughs too loud at my funnys and look so much like you.
(you run your hand through my hair and play to my ego to get your way, your learning to control this male control in your female way)
You could have been that girl I kissed behind the backstop. Her hair mixed in the tall natural hue, much more interesting then her lips.
(you cry when I tell you it's over, you're not hurt but you look so pained)
But I'll always remember you for that death roll by the gleaming Scwinns and dirty bikes.

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Last updated April 09, 2011