Desires in Dreams

Oh, my mate is much, much materialist
I have imagined her as a philanthropist
I will try hard to make as I dreamt
Where she was passionate and immaterialist.

So fair art thou I found in dream
And wish you to express what I seem
And desire you to have high thoughts
Like those of Spenser, Milton and Keats.

May you be the lover of poverty!
And don’t discriminate on caste and ethnicity
And always be and make others exalted
So that you will be much more acknowledged.

Desires many to struck a lifelong friendship
That relation I dreamt profounder than Kinship.


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A student of English literature, A freelancer who contributes articles to national dailies of Nepal, an English teacher at CG Pearson School, a technical writer for a national IT magazine, and a passionate blogger.

Last updated August 12, 2011