Dream Amphibian

by Lansing Day

On the low-flung periphery of the salt marsh bay,
near the twisted beach, an eddy–

Sun low with the tide going up
where softly and under I lay.

For a pillow I was given
a yellow shell.
My ears were listening.

In its restlessness and reaching,
my tongue and its languages
felt lashed and closed.

I shall not leave
my waterworld.

But I must go,

Hermit crab
raised itself up.

One silvery minnow played
across my open eyes.

Then, a cloud-blue sky
answered me
with a white seabird,
overhead circling.

So strange and beautiful,
this land of my dream I see–
in my amphibian way.

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I'm about all waking up and becoming, reflecting and growing. I'm completely in love with Nature and am grateful the Rhythms I feel, as a musician, holding me up and helping me voice my heart's truth., Walking lots gets me feeling a dancing me and I am inspired; sitting still is a dance of an equally useful kind. Moving and breathing, sitting and watching. Empty breath is my anchor. Sun and Earth, I love you.

Last updated May 09, 2019