Let me love you again

as i look at the silver linings of the moon at my window on the bark of a red tree  and as the pale moon speaks of the love  we have lost and we have not cared to.
remember this my love that as the stars shines above us so shall the heavenly promises we had in our hearts , in our mind- our love rest.
broken dreams, paper cut hearts and so we called it, would not prevent me  from sailing the same river of insanity-  so for now you rest, your heart, in mine heart.
let us travel this epic journey again where we became insane in asylums of broken hearts, and broken dreams and begin dreaming, begin loving again
let my boat be yours and yours mine and forgive each other’s hatred and despair be with me, be with us, be with whatever we had and forget what was, but remember the things we loved.
i know this, things i ask are too much and i know that those paper cuts hearts cannot easily be laid- out but hear me now my beloved.
time fades and heals a broken heart let us heal our body and heart let us forgive each other let us be one once more
as it begins to rain i think of you crying, begging, fleeting to you give me a chance, give us a chance let this rain wipe away the past.
moon, stars, dreams and heart are now lost, now fades tonight soon all will perish, soon our love shall too but let’s not wait, let us not wait for that let us love again, let me love you again

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Michael Magpatoc Tantoy is a college instructor of languages and literature at Saint Joseph College Maasin City, fiction writer, and a poet. He is known for his melancholy lyrics of loss, his sensuous songs of love, and his tender odes to the sea. He lives in Macrohon, Southern Leyte a home by the sea with his cat Alexander.

Last updated July 23, 2012