Why Me?

Every time I try to speak
You escape my imaginary grasp
without a squeak

Sometimes I wonder
How can this be?
I realize now you are a bird flying so free.
And while you soar through the clear blue skies
All I can do is watch you
And slowly die.

I watch you run
your eyes afire.
I shield away
My wanting desire.
How can it be that you sucked the life from me?
With rejection?
Leaving me lying there
Not knowing how much I care.

My love has been stolen
An I am in Hell
Now in my heart
Nightmares shall dwell
I am in grief
And i drift away
Like a lonely, solitary leaf.

I drift away having nothing to care
And if being carefree
Should bring so much glee,
Why must I ask myself in utter despair
Why me?

Michael Yuan

I like to write about poetry that expresses about life, hatred, depression and all kinds of topics like that. I write these things to show that nothing is fair and that we should be lucky to be who we are. Also, I'm rather young (early 10's) and am Asian :)

Last updated February 06, 2013