Bubbles from Eternity

Did I think I saw
A shadow criss cross my slate
A glimpse was it surfacing
my unwinding fate?

Did I see a face slip
Between the fogs of my morning dreams
Did I trace on my tips
the memory of her moving lips

Did I strain my ear to hear
Her anklets echo my strolling strides
Did I wish the mist to clear
To catch a sight of her
on frothing tides?

Did the soul of the evening skies
Seep into my pounding cells
Did I hear ringing temple bells
when she saw me from the corner
of her flashing eyes.

Muralidharan Mudaliar

in every way, in every deed, at every time... some words, rise and describe.. something, deep and clear.. sometimes, i follow, sometimes i linger.. sometimes i write.. and what is lost i do not mourn, what i have i do cherish.. and some i do want to share

Last updated January 19, 2012