The Well Of Sorrow

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

There is a well at the roadside of life,
A deep, deep well, whose water is soft.
And man passeth upon
The dusty roadway singing.
Youth in gay array, yea, and age
Still in gay raiment masquerading!
There is a well at the roadside of life;
And men are thirsty, and they come
With their empty hearts like rusted cups,
Pleading for a quaff.
And behold, beside the well is one
Who smiles, and brings forth the water, pouring
With gentle hand unto the proffered cups,
And they drink and go forth weeping,
And call the water bitter!
Yet the one beside the well, smiles,
And watches man as he proceeds,
And whispers: "Drink. Drink, for in the drinking
Art thou become deep";
For no male's thirst may e'er be quenched
To his heart's satisfaction, save that he sup-
Of the waters of the well of Sorrow!

Last updated January 14, 2019