by Drora Matlofsky

He wears rags,
He doesn't look very clean.
All day he sits in pubs
Scribbling on scruffy bits of paper.
Beware: he is a P.O.E.T!

She dresses funny,
She never married,
She lives alone
With her cats and her computer.
Beware: she is a P.O.E.T.!

He cannot keep a job,
He cannot keep a wife,
His address is always changing,
But he can sit for hours wirting.
Beware: he is a P.O.E.T.!

Her sink is full of dishes,
Her floors are never swept,
Her children run wild
While she hides to write.
Beware: she is a P.O.E.T.!

He got a good education,
But he spat at all he was given.
What he did cannot be told in polite company.
They say he is living in the desert...
Beware: he is a P.O.E.T.!

Her children have grown up,
She is going back to school.
She is learning yoga and meditation.
She must be at least fifty!
Beware: she is a P.O.E.T.!

He died a hundred years ago
After writing fifty books of poems.
Now children at school must learn them by heart
Instead of having fun.
Beware: he is a P.O.E.T.!

So they speak while I, innocently,
Serve the meal and wash the dishes,
My head modestly covered,
My mouth modestly closed,
But I watch my husband from the corner of my eye.
Will he reveal my awful secret?
'Beware: she is a P.O.E.T.!'

Drora Matlofsky has been living in Jerusalem since 1984. Her poetry in English has appeared in various poetry and Jewish magazines and her poetry in French can be found on the Poésie Française site.

Last updated September 16, 2015