Food for Thought

by Jerry Buckley

It's lunch time on a busy work day
and I'm at the "Happy Burger" shack
waiting to place my order to go.

Comes a black man, scarecrow thin
his jeans slung lowdown and dirty;
an acre of underwear in evidence.

The gears inside my head are turning
"Hoodlum".... "Gang banger"... "Thug".
He flops down in the first shade available,
and sets his lunch sack on the curbside.

Eyes shut, he "crosses" himself - three times
"Padre"... "Hijo"..."Espiritu Santo"
Then smiles and wishes me blessings
As I drive away with my order

Jerry Buckley's picture

Jerry Buckley is a commercial truck agent residing and working in middle Tennessee. He is a high school and collegiate soccer official, and home brewer. He and his wife enjoy travelling together and experiencing other cultures. He enjoys the outdoor life, reading, music, and impressionistic art.

Last updated October 19, 2015