It Takes A Lot Of Light To Make A City

by Louis Antonelli

Out of the night that covers me
comes a light that flashes bright
and a hope
that I’ll find what I’m looking for

a faint glow,
and sombre hue
of a scene from the Avenue
pale blue faces gazing intently
at the late show
playing nightly in the window
of the ‘You-Name-It-We-Fix-It’ Shop

a passerby cons for a quarter;
a cup of coffee realized, goes well with a doughnut,
but he knows you can’t have everything
he reaches for pages from yesterday’s newspaper
floating by on drifts of cool air and mist;
mist turns to rain,
now a nod of thanks and he goes as he came

the blue dims
and amber lamps hum,
so the faces turn—
and try they will to wonder
if it takes a lot of light to make a city

for tonight they walk away
still to ponder
if all of these lights
are one,
a reflection from the heart of a soul
waiting for the morning
of a new day


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Louis Antonelli (b: July 28, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American poet and filmmaker. His professional career began at age 17, and has since been both widely distributed and awarded, internationally. He was honored by World Poetry, San Francisco, CA. with the award of 'POET/1990', and in 1994 by The National Library, as an, 'Outstanding Writer of America'. In 2006 he was named by Strathmore's, List as a 'Who's-Who Among Outstanding International Professionals': Arts/Media/Entertainment., Beginning in 1990, Louis Antonelli's poetry has been published exclusively, by VIA.

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