The Wizard Of Austin Boulevard

by Louis Antonelli

I know a place
where there are electric clouds overhead
and twenty five cent lightbulbs become stars
with eyes I see so it must be true,
a dancer of light
a silver shadow who is the keeper of illusions
yours and mine
he dwells in a grand mosaic
just west of Austin Boulevard
as I enter
I realize I’m in the company of the wizard
he shows me pictures thru a glass
twenty four times a second
tonight, it’ll be Sinatra in blacks and whites
is this Heaven
or just another sultan’s den of satin green
and red
a devilish grin is his only reply
I pray this light won’t fade
but have hope, because the lion soon will roar
so I must hurry back
to the arc of the wizard
in the shrine of the Magic Lantern
and the stuff
dreams are made of


Louis Antonelli's picture

Louis Antonelli (b: July 28, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American poet and filmmaker. His professional career began at age 17, and has since been both widely distributed and awarded, internationally. He was honored by World Poetry, San Francisco, CA. with the award of 'POET/1990', and in 1994 by The National Library, as an, 'Outstanding Writer of America'. In 2006 he was named by Strathmore's, List as a 'Who's-Who Among Outstanding International Professionals': Arts/Media/Entertainment., Beginning in 1990, Louis Antonelli's poetry has been published exclusively, by VIA.

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