The Black And White Face

by Louis Antonelli

for Ida Lupino

Held by a fascination,
I first looked when I was very young
a child, wanting to be held up
to see over the top
it was then that I saw a face with eyes
set in a solitary stare, alone
in a corner of an empty room
the eyes looked at me with a modern love
and from that moment
I learned that blue is a character
a fixed form on a spiral wheel
as it should be
part of daily reality, and caring not
who I was or where I came
but it mattered so little
the face of stark beauty, I loved
a face, not touched or held
but caressed with purest light and wrapped
in darkest shadow,
as it will always be
held by a fascination,
of what lives between the minutes
an intangible face, loved as only it can be
forever seen
in the camera eye


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Louis Antonelli (b: July 28, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American poet and filmmaker. His professional career began at age 17, and has since been both widely distributed and awarded, internationally. He was honored by World Poetry, San Francisco, CA. with the award of 'POET/1990', and in 1994 by The National Library, as an, 'Outstanding Writer of America'. In 2006 he was named by Strathmore's, List as a 'Who's-Who Among Outstanding International Professionals': Arts/Media/Entertainment., Beginning in 1990, Louis Antonelli's poetry has been published exclusively, by VIA.

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